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Behind the Doric Grandeur

12/02/2009 20:10

The hullabaloo over the Town hall is not over. All the lefts and rights alike, are too eager to show their concern over this historic building. Remind the days of just a couple of years back. To a passerby it was just another archaic building built by the colonial rulers, in a decaying condition after their departure, some times used as a ration office or office of the Public Service Commission. There were initiatives in between, but all were flashes in the pan. But things changed a bit when renowned artist Sri Bikash Bhattacharya , out of his genuine love made some sketches of the building, which were later auctioned to collect money for its renovation. No doubt, the revamped Town hall has become a pride of Calcutta. But who bothers to go behind the history of it?

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