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30/07/2009 21:44

2010 Radical Frame Film Festival - Selection Results

Radical Frame Film Festival has received more than 60 individual film submissions from 52 film makers collectively amounting to countless hours of continuous viewing. This meant that the time we needed to preview all the works was much longer than we initially anticipated.

We would like to ask all the filmmakers which films have been selected to mail us an updated DVD of your film, ONLY if the film has been updated, improved, etc...

The selection committee was comprised of Martina Foschini (Artist and project coordinator), Mersio Artifon (University Professor), and Dr. Nancy English (Artist). After lengthy deliberations, the following films were selected for the 2010 Radical Frame Film Festival:

Title: Waiting for Mercy  (USA) Filmmaker: Ellie Bernstein (Ophelia´s Media Production)

Title: Desert in the Coffehouse 2009  (USA) Filmmaker: Pamela Nice (Cafe Aziza Production)

Title: Scissu 2009  (Germany) Filmmaker: Tom Bewilogua (Bildfenster & Kinematograph)

Title: Truth Lies Beneath 2005  (India) Filmmaker: Gautam Sen (AHRC & Masum)

Title: Is What Was 2008 (USA) Filmmaker: Jerry Tartaglia

Title: Motion 2008 (UK) Filmmaker: Robin Whenary

Title: Proper Eyes (Por su Proprios Ojos) 2008 (Argentina) Filmmaker: Liliana Paolinelli (FiGa Films)

Title: Nome Proprio (Camila Jam) 2008 (Brasil) Filmmaker: Murilo Salles (FiGa Films)

Title: Hobby 2008 (Spain) Filmmaker: Ciro Altabás (Retro P.C.)

Title: Mofetas 2007 (Spain) Filmmaker: Inés Enciso (Palermo Films & Madrugada Films)

Title: Ego 2009 (Spain) Filmmaker: Josep Suriñach & Roger Llorens (IPNORA)

Title: A Better Life (Una Vida Mejor) 2009 (Spain) Filmmaker: Luiz Fernandez Reneo (14 Pies Audiovisual SL & Altamira Entertainment)

Title: No End in Sight 2007 (USA) Filmmaker: Charles Ferguson (Red Envelope Entertainment)

Title: Occupation 101 2006 (USA) Filmmaker: Abdallah Omeish and Sufyan Omeish (Triple Eye Films Production)

Title: Under my Garden 2007 (Italy) Filmmaker: Andrea Lodovichetti

We would like to thank all the filmmakers for your interest in our Festival. The response was wonderful and, the level of film quality was impressive.

The screening schedule will be posted in our website within a week or two (hopefully...).

The Radical Frame Film Festival team

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29/03/2009 12:40


SWARAJ FILM ARCHIVE                           

21 B Moti Lal Nehru Road, Allahabad-21002
Phone- 09235406243, 09415367653                                               

The three day 2nd Swaraj Film Festival started on 19th February 2009. On this occasion, Dr. Swapnil Shrivastava (Chief Archivist, Swaraj Film Archive) said that this film festival is  an attempt to create awareness about social and environmental issues and to inspire people to adopt other alternatives. On the first day of the festival, films and documentaries were shown to students and teachers of four colleges-M.V. Convent Inter College, Shri Raj Deo Public School, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication and Department of Maths in Allahabad University.

Paromita Vohra’s Morality T.V. Aur Loving Jehad which challenges the police’s role in stopping eve-teasing was screened in Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth Degree College in the main programme on 20th February. ‘Char Shahroon Ki Ankahi Kahani’ directed by Sunil Umrao, highlighting the plight and struggle of fruit/vegetable vendors , ‘SEZ-Arajakta ki Or’ depicting the problem of forced land acquisition and farmer’s struggle against this and ‘Kachra View’ were shown to students in M.V.Convent Inter College.

Allahabad University’s Maths department and physics department also organised screenings including ‘Development At Gun Point’ directed by Pramod Gupta based on the Nandigram Movement, ‘Truth lies Beneath’ directed by Gautam Sen and ‘New Improved Delhi’ directed by Vani Subramanyam.

A documentary, Continuum, directed by Khushboo Renka regarding the issues of hunger, trade and death was shown in M.V. Convent Inter College. A beautiful ecological  documentary, “The Queen of Trees” directed by Mark Deabal and Victoria Stone caught the imagination of young viewers. Vishakha Dutta directed Taza Khabar, a short film based on the life of uneducated  women running a newspaper in Bundelkhand. Gharat, based on a small alternative Power plant was also screened in Raj Deo Public School. Hollow Cylinder directed by Kavita Behl and Nandan Saxena depicting the importance of bamboo, and Mahua Memoirs, directed by Vinod Raja emphasizing the tribal’s struggle against mining, evoked a good response. Apart from these, Sara Loha Unka, Babu Nandan Ki Keval Dhar, directed by Sunil Umrao  was also shown.

The Journalism and Mass Communication department of Allahabad University also held several screenings, including ‘A Night of Prophecy’ by Amar Kanwar, ‘Passing Conflicts’ by Pankaj Rishi Kumar, ‘A Place to Stay’ by Pryas Abhinav, ‘The mall on top of my house’ by Aditi Chitra and ‘Beggar’ by Vasudeo and Santana Issar. A film on the struggle of bauxite miners Baphalimali directed by Amar Kanwar was shown in the Department of Maths in Allahabad University. Other films screened were, ‘Ye Kaisi Azadi’ and ‘Black Pamphlets’ by Nitin Kumar.      

Approximately  1300 hundred people attended the festival.               

Sandeep Tiwari


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