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Truth Lies Beneath shown at Moviemento, Germany's oldest Cinema

05/02/2010 21:31


As a part of the Radical Frame Film Festival, 2010,  Truth Lies Beneath (2005) was shown at  KINO MOVIEMENTO - Germany's oldest Cinema at
Kottbusser Damm 22 - Berlin-Kreuzberg - Vorbestellungen unter: 692 47 85. on 4th February, 2010. (See Programme)


The Moviemento cinema is regularly awarded for its excellent program and is one of the leading independent cinemas. It shows in particular original feature and documentary films, sophisticated mainstream films, children’s films, films for schools, many special screenings, premieres, readings and festivals complete the program. Moviemento is situated in one of the most vibrant parts of the city: in Berlin Kreuzberg; a word that arouses a certain yearning amongst many young international artists and draws them back to this place.

Moviemento is often an attraction for these young people, where many films are screened in the original languages. Who knows, maybe they too will be working the register one of these days. Our established audience speaks fondly of the old times with the »Spiegelsaal«, while they buy tickets to current art house hits. But also students and new Berliners come to see unique films in a cosy atmosphere – with dolby digital sound and in high definition cinemascope.

Many legends surround the history of Moviemento. Different sources say that sometime between 1902 and 1907 that the word Kintopp was invented here, after the owner of the time  Alfred Topp, who established the cinema in the function room of his restaurant. After him came many others, who similarly made a name for themselves. Manfred Salzgeber is one example, who turned Moviemento, which was called Tali at the time, into one of the first independent cinemas in Germany. Or Elser Maxwell, Wieland Speck and Blixa Bargeld, under whose management a new era began: the cinema became a favorite meeting point for all kinds of artists: Rio Reiser sits at the piano, Nina Hagen in the first row, David Bowie comes and goes. Avand Garde theatre is performed, independent films are shown, and even the success of »The Rocky Horror Picture Show« began here. This pioneering tradition continued over the years; under Ingrid Schwibbe’s management, program director Tom Tykwer brought Dani Levy’s »Du mich auch« into Moviemento – it played for years to a packed house.

Legendary are the long nights of all-night cinema. For the film »Oi! Warning« Moviemento becomes a gateway to the rest of the world: the cinema shows the film during the Berlinale to an international audience, and so begins the film’s long journey to international festivals all over the world.

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